The Bookmark Shop: Factors in Making Your Bookmark Standout

When it comes to making creative and effective bookmarks either for personal use, as a present, for a promotional strategy or as a party favor, there are certain factors that have to be considered and met for it to stand out. London’s the Bookmark Shop gladly tells us about these and adds a few tips along the way.

bookmarksFactor # 1: SIZE – The size of your bookmark matters a lot. After all, it is bound to be used to track your reading progress and take note where you left off. It has to be big enough but not too bulky that it causes unwanted folds and bulges between the pages or worse larger than the book itself. At the same time it also should not be too small than it can easily slip off, get lost or simply hide too well between the pages that it loses its very purpose. Find the sweet middle ground.

Factor # 2: SHAPE – You can go for fancy shapes all you want or stick with traditional. However the rule of thumb here is to make sure that the shape isn’t too intricately detailed or shaped along the edges. You do not want it to have uneven folds or easily get caught up and tangled altogether. It shouldn’t have pointed and sharp sides. But a unique one always gets an added wow factor.

Factor # 3: MATERIAL – There are many available materials used for bookmarks today. There are the sturdy paper ones which come in glossy, matte, course and other textures. Metal ones are also quite abound nowadays either as the bookmark itself or simply just as an added charm. To add grip, there too are those that come with paper clip edges and magnetic snaps.

Factor # 4: DESIGN – This will always be a factor to consider. Our page inserts also have to look pleasing. If they are to be left bland and unattractive then why not settle for an index card or a piece of paper anyway? Of course this part always depends in creativity and imagination.

Factor # 5: DURABILITY – Lastly, the Bookmark Shop stresses on durability. You want it to last long. You want it to be used time and time again all the more if it comes in really fancy shapes and design. In order for that to happen it has to be crafted out of the best materials and by the best providers in town. Quality and durability come hand in hand.


DIY Bookmarks

How Do Promotional Bookmarks Work?

Promotional bookmarks are considered a classic, timeless, budget friendly and cost effective marketing tool today. They have in fact been around for quite a while now and have proven that even with today’s technology and digital age some things simply stand the test of time no matter what.

Throughout history, humans always had the knack for learning. We always had the intense want and need for knowledge which spills forth consciously or unconsciously. One of the basic ways to do this is through reading. In fact, reading is even considered as a form of leisure, a way of life, a part of work and generally a day to day activity.

Promotional Bookmark  Corporate Bookmarks  Paper bookmarks  Magnetic and Metal Bookmarks.It is because of such fact why the aforementioned promotional bookmarks work. For someone who loves to read for leisure may it be novels, poetry or even magazines, it is important to keep track of one’s reading progress otherwise you might just risk spoiling yourself after hours of flipping through the pages trying to remember where you left off.

For someone who studies his or her textbook for an upcoming test or for professionals reading through a report, bookmarks also allow them to mark a certain page should they have the need to put down the material and do some other stuff.

There is simply a need for a certain tool to keep track of one’s reading. The so called dog ears, those where you fold the upper edge of a certain page, work but overtime they destroy the paper and can be an eyesore. This is where the many forms of bookmarks step in made of varying materials from simple and fancy paper to metals, precious or not.

Unlike other forms of media and advertisement, this marketing tool gets more exposure. When the target market or client base has been exposed to such marketing efforts properly and for extended periods of time, there are more chances for the business to communicate their message, make their point and encourage the potential buyer to make a purchase. Think about it, what’s the use of a really good and high budgeted television commercial if the people you wish to see it and to act to it does not have any interest to see it? All your efforts will be put in vain.

In short, promotional bookmarks work because they are more than a form of advertisement. They are functional. They have a use and purpose to the receiver. They won’t be thrown into the trash like flyers and leaflets. They won’t be ignored like TVCs or billboards. They will find themselves used and for that, your promotional efforts will stand the test of time longer.

The Bookmark Shop and the Types of Page Markers to Choose From

Page markers have long been present even dating back to the ancient time of scribes and scrolls, monks and papyrus. Reading has been a way of life and a part of our everyday routines and customs. From the casual cereal box label, milk carton nutrition facts, billboard advertisements, school textbooks, novels, magazines and newspapers, reading will forever be part of the human existence. With that comes a need to keep track of one’s reading progress and thus the presence of our trusted bookmarks. But did you know that there are in fact different kinds of to it? The Bookmark Shop is here to introduce us to them. Read up, discover and pick your favorite!

paperbookmarksThe Traditional Paper – The rectangular and square bookmarks made primarily of paper and sometimes latched with a ribbon looped on its top is by far the most familiar to most of us. They can be bought at pretty much every bookshop, school and office supply store and gift shops. The paper can either be matte, glossy or textured. These too can be bought premade or for personalization.

The Fancy Origami – To bring the paper game to a whole new level, origami bookmarks are also being sold and if you are crafty enough you can definitely hand make them. They come in various designs, shapes and figures and are made of thick and sturdy pattern papers.

The Secure Magnets and Clips – Other variants too come with a magnetic strip and can be folded in two symmetrical sides. Either side has a magnetic strip which latches onto the paper for secure grip. This way, no more bookmarks would fall off the pages. A similar one is those that have a paper clip, often larger than the ordinary ones you often see, that is inserted unto the top or side of a publication with a design glued unto the top part which protrudes out when the marker is inserted.

The Cut Outs and Inserts – There too are those that have cut outs in them which simply work like paper clips but instead of metal is simply thick paper or plastic which safely bites into and grips the paper. These can be bought in various fancy designs like animal figures.

The Metal Variant – Lastly, metal bookmarks are also available. The charm that this variant holds is the fact that it can be engraved and an ornament may be chosen to accompany it for some added pizzazz.

So which among the above from the Bookmark Shop’s list is your favorite? Take your pick!

Accessorizing Your Metal Bookmarks

Metal bookmarks have become the entire craze these days and we totally could not blame anyone. They have been used as promotional materials by marketing companies, individuals and organizations for their events and parties and of course as personal keepsakes, presents and reading tool.

There are basically two types of metal bookmarks in the market:

  • The first is the more formal and sleek designed that are flat and may come in the size of credit cards or the usual rectangular bookmark. These are those that are often given out as corporate gifts or guest party favors. They almost always come with a simple engraving but should the buyer wish to, a more creative design could be etched into it. These also come in cases and may be made of precious metals.
  • The second one is the fancier of the two. It comes in a form of a metal rod whose body is thin but flat which is to be inserted into the reading material. Its topmost part has a latch to witch a charm or ornament dangles from. Such charms come in many forms and figures like initials, numbers, movie or television characters, animal figures and more.

The very charm of these metal bookmarks lie in the manner by which one is able to customize and personalize them. So how can one accessorize them?

  • metal bookmarksSHAPES AND SIZES – If you really want to make a totally customized item let’s say for a present then you can choose the size and shape of the item yourself. You may want to make it traditional or go for a little quirk and use other shapes instead. Just keep to mind that it should not be too big and bulky nor too small and lanky.
  • ENGRAVING – Next up, engraving is very popular when it comes to this type of bookmarks. Because they are first and foremost made of metal one can practically have anything etched like a name, initials, a favorite quote, a line from a book, a lovely message, a piece of poetry, a memorable date or even a full blown pattern.
  • CHARMS AND ORNAMENTS – Especially with the second type of metal bookmarks, one can choose from the myriad of charms available. You can get one or have a combination of letters, numbers, animal or nature figures both real and mythical, television and movie characters, sports items like tennis rackets or soccer balls and book characters to name a few.